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5 Alarm offers a complete Preventative Maintenance program for all HURST products. This includes Testing & Repair on both High and Low Pressure and eDRAULIC tools, as well as Gas and Electric Hydraulic Power Units.

Hurst Hydraulic Tools (Spreader, Cutter, Combi, Rams)
Inspect for excessive wear or damage. Clean, inspect and lubricate pivot points, bushings, links and pins. Check control valves, end caps and wiper seals for proper orientation. Reassemble arms, blades and Re-torque to mfg specifications. Clean and inspect all fittings, pigtails and hoses. File tips, polish blades, inspect shafts for burs or rust. Replace decals as needed

Hurst eDRAULIC Tools –(Spreader, Cutter, Combi, Rams)
Inspect for excessive wear or damage. Lubricate all pivot points, bushings, and links. Check and adjust control valves, test and adjust load cell force. De-aerate and change fluid as necessary. Check all electrical components and circuits. Re-assemble arms, blades and re-torque to mfg. specifications.
File tips, polish blades, etc.

Hurst Power Units (Gas/Electric)
Clean and inspect for wear and breakage. Inspect hydraulic hoses for cuts and or abrasions.
Inspect pump fluid for contamination, replace / clean pump screen when applicable. Check Dump valve for proper orientation, service air cleaner, change existing engine oil, replace spark plug, adjust carburetor and or linkage. Check fluid levels, and perform in-line pressure test, check first stage shift point and second stage final pressure, adjusted final pressure to mfg. specifications, perform in-line flow rate on pump. Replace decals as needed.

5 Alarm also offers HURST/Vetter Air Bag Testing and Repair. Please contact our Service Manager, Rob Thompson, for more information at (262) 337-9123 or email us at service@5alarm.com.