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The OPTIMUM is a revolutionary lamphead that puts more light on the scene without the need for an increase in power. The OPTIMUM lamphead provides the maximum transfer of light from the bulb to the scene. The OPTIMUM uses a uniquely designed, vacuum deposit, polished reflector to maximize light emission. OPTIMUM's large curved front lens and exclusive "head down" shape produces a uniform beam that lights up an area 100° vertically by 150° horizontally. The OPTIMUM lamphead has been designed to take advantage of the HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb. The HID is offered with both 70 and 150 watt bulbs that operate at 12 or 24 VDC and produce light up to 11,250 lumens without the need of a generator.
  • Brightest and best designed lights in the industry
  • Unique reflector design transfers more light from the bulb to the scene
  • Manufactured from heavy duty, thick extruded aluminum
  • Can be mounted virtually anywhere as telescopic poles, portable, fixed, brow mounted, recessed, or under aerial
  • Safety Twist Lock easy to use and standard on all FRC telescopic poles
  • Locking mechanism has no metal to metal contact, it can not jam or be over tightened

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