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SILV-EX PLUS is a low, medium, and high expansion, Class A foam concentrate formulated from specialty hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and solvents. This formulation provides superior cold weather performance. The latest development in the original forest fire control concentrate, SILV-EX PLUS has been proven effective on many deep-seated Class A fires such as tire fires, paper fires, coal fires, structure fires, and wild fires. SILV-EX PLUS foam concentrate can be proportioned from 0.1% to 1.0% in fresh, brackish or sea water. When used as a pre-mixed solution, only fresh or potable water should be used if the premix is to be stored over long time periods. Due to its extremely low proportioning rate, SILV-EX PLUS foam concentrate offers outstanding economy in concentrate storage space, cost (compared to conventional 3% and 6% foaming agents) and water hauling requirements.
  • Reduction of the surface tension of water, which provides the SILV-EX PLUS solution with superior wetting and penetrating characteristics. This renders Class A fuels less combustible and allows the solution to penetrate past the char to control deep seated fires
  • Extended drain time provides longer surface wetting, reducing the risk of ignition/re-ignition
  • SILV-EX PLUS agent creates a foam blanket which provides an insulating barrier between the fuel and air
  • SILV-EX PLUS foam suppresses combustible vapors while cooling the fuel
  • The brilliant white foam reflects heat
  • SILV-EX PLUS solution creates a dense foam blanket with excellent insulating properties
  • SILV-EX PLUS foam clings to vertical surfaces for structure protection
  • The wetting and penetrating characteristics of the SILV-EX PLUS solution reduce the combustibility of Class A fuels and makes water five times more effective

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