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This new and improved HANDLELOK is an adjustable mounting bracket that provides secure mounting for tools, axe handles, poles, and other equipment. Grip range from 1/8” to 1-3/4” (3.17 to 44.45 mm). The base is injection-molded of Super Tuff nylon with high-strength glass fibers. An Injection-molded STRETCHLOK (5400 PSI tensile) and injection-molded nylon handle pin is resistant to weather, UV, oxidation, and deterioration. A textured surface, soft, permanent pad is attached to the base to give a firm grip. Rugged, cost-effective, easy to use and install, HANDLELOK features fast, adjustable locking and instant release. STRETCHLOK strap is available in black and high visible yellow HANDLELOK is compliant with NFPA 1901 requirements, at a rated load of 10 lbs.

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The Hooklok bracket is a versatile and easy to use friction lock product providing secure mounting for a wide variety of tools and equipment. HOOKLOKS (sold in pairs) are clamp-action mounting brackets that depend on automatic clamping force and friction to restrain tools. Grip range 1" to 1-1/4" (25.40 - 31.75 mm).

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The Jumbo Lok is a large positive locking bracket with three strap pivot positions providing an extensive grip range for a wide variety of tools and equipment. JUMBO LOK is the big brother of HANDLELOK. Incorporating 3 pivot positions which allow the locking strap to be set for a grip range from 3/8” (.375) to 3-1/4” (3.250). Tested to 9G with a 20 lb. Load, JUMBO LOK meets NFPA 1901 requirements and is great for nozzles, hydraulic rams, heavy-duty jacks, electric drills, folding ladders, etc.

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The Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket is designed for a Pickhead Axe hanging or supported as a pocket. The Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket is molded of black high-strength, impact and corrosion-resistant urethane. It provides for the flexibility of mounting the axe head on top (HANGER) or bottom (POCKET). The Pickhead Axe Hanger/Bracket is flexible and tough, designed to give a lifetime of troublefree, dependable service.When used with the HANDLELOK P/N 1004, (NOT INCLUDED), this bracket provides a secure mount for the axe head.

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The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT family of products satisfy a wide range of tool mounting requirements and provide the most versatile and flexible solution for most every equipment mounting application. SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT modules are larger than standard ADJUSTAMOUNT modules, and are available in versions which mount to Unistrut or PAC TRAC aluminum tool boards. The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT consists of individual modules and a locking strap which can positioned to accommodate the mounting of a wide variety of tools and equipment. SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNTS are commonly combined with other PAC brackets to provide complete tool mounting solutions.

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The cost effective TOOLOK bracket is a versatile and easy to use product providing secure mounting for a wide variety of tools and equipment. The TOOLOK may be mounted horizontally or vertically. The radiused top end of the base is designed to prevent mounted items from rolling off prior to engaging the GRIPLOK. The TOOLOK is injection-molded of the best materials available to provide a long, troublefree life. The base is black, rigid and made of SUPER TUFF nylon. The GRIPLOK is yellow and made of a special highperformance, urethane-based elastomer. Tensile strength at break, 5400 PSI. Simple to install and use. TOOLOK is tough, resistant to weather, non-conducting, UVstabilized, and cost-effective. It features easy, fast-locking and instant release. Grip range is from 1/8” to 1-1/2” (3.17 to 38.10 mm). TOOLOK is compliant with NFPA 1901 requirements, at a rated load of 4 lbs.

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