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R.A.M. is easily deployed and operated by a single firefighter. Its patent-pending hydraulic stability system harnesses reaction force to stabilize the monitor. Four fold-out forged aluminum legs with carbide-tipped ground spikes extend to the largest footprint in its class for exceptional stability. The rear ground spikes are angled to help the carbide tips grip the ground surface. The R.A.M. can be carried while attached to a charged line. Exclusive patent pending-design lowers friction loss and produces consistent stream quality in all ranges of motion. The R.A.M. can be stored pre-connected and features an ergonomic U-shaped valve handle. Attached safety strap includes storage pouch.
Package #1 - 3896 RAN (Rapid Attack Nozzle) - Fixed Flow - 500 GPM @ 75 PSI
Package #2 - 3895 RAN (Rapid Attack Nozzle) - Selectable Flow - 250-350-500 GPM @ 75 PSI
Both Packages include Monitor, Mounting Bracket and R.A.N. Nozzle (as shown on Monitor)

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Self-Educting master stream nozzles turn any monitor into a foam station without the use of additional equipment and have been part of Elkhart’s fire suppression arsenal for over 20 years. Elkhart is proud to have been one of the pioneers in the development of the Hydro-Foam® line of self-educting nozzles. Since its introduction, Elkhart has expanded the self-educting master stream nozzle line to include: easy to use, original Hydro-Foam nozzles of brass or Elk-O-Lite® construction; X-Stream® nozzles that combine self-educting ability with the convenience of automatic metering; and a selectable flow rate self-educting nozzle — the CSW-C-HF, which has the additional benefit of being constructed of a lightweight, non-corrosive material.

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Under 9” wide and requiring just 16” of clearance, the Sidewinder is compact and perfect for wildland, dust abatement, small apparatus use or anywhere space is at a premium. Designed specifically for the rigors of wildland and construction use, Elkhart’s Sidewinder features a 2” fully-vaned waterway, customizable nozzle selection, fast-action tiller control and double-ball races with stainless steel bearings.

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For maximum reach, smooth bore tips create concentrated waterflow for use with either handlines or monitors while using lower pressures of 50 or 80 psi. Elkhart offers a wide variety of discharge sizes to suit any need. Additionally, Elkhart’s stacked tips allow you to customize the smooth bore to meet your needs in the field.

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Stinger® 2.0 is a dual purpose break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor. Numerous truck adapter and portable base options are available to suit every need. In portable mode, five forged aluminum legs with self-adjusting, carbide-tipped ground spikes increase stability. The lightweight Stinger® 2.0 is the most flow-efficient in its class with a friction loss reducing 3 3/8” vaned waterway. Other features include: a by-passable safety stop at 35° above horizontal, a patented monitor to base latching mechanism that provides visual indication of status, rotation lock mechanism which provides positive left/right lock with visual indication, a fully enclosed stainless steel worm gear, a liquid-filled pressure gauge, a safety chain for additional stability, and two carrying handles.

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Stinger® RF is a dual purpose break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor. The wireless RF increases effective use of personnel while reducing the potential risk of injury. This monitor can be remotely operated from up to ¼ mile away - in either deck gun or portable mode - with hand-held transmitter. When used in deck gun mode, the Stinger® RF requires only a hot wire connector — dramatically reducing installation costs with an easy 2-wire connection. When used in portable mode, the Stinger® RF is battery powered and completely self contained. The patent-pending, easy, on-scene programming of oscillation is designed for exposure protection or hazardous material suppression. Exclusive dual speed left/right drive feature allow precise stream placement. Available in several ISM bands for license free use around the world.

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X-Stream® nozzles automatically adjust to maintain effective stream and maximum reach at variable or reduced flows. It is calibrated at lower pressures - for better suitability to real world conditions. This nozzle has constant flow - straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°) - with hydrodynamic vanes and hub for increased flow efficiency. It is excellent with foam applications. Models are available for use in hazardous locations and for gas mitigation. Electric motors and connectors are completely sealed with manual overrides, while manual models have large handles for easy stream pattern management. Corrosion-resistant brass nozzles, for industrial applications, have satin brass finish while Elk-O-Lite® nozzles have a hard anodized finish.

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