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The QuickStrut safely supports vehicles involved in an accident, whatever their position. The struts are positioned diagonally at an angle of between 25 and 50 degrees. The car body is fastened to the ratchet strap with a hook. When the strap is tightened, the claws of the swiveling top plate press into the car's bodywork. The base plate affixes itself to the ground and can be additionally secured using pins. Extending and retracting the strut is very easy; simply push the release lever. The length can also be manually adjusted. An integrated winch enables additional fine aligning.

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The Shark™ Collapsible Step Chock will save critical storage space on your rig for more important life saving equipment. Its innovative design is taller than most traditional step chocks, collapses to 5½" and is designed to nest together when stored for further space savings. You can fit 4 Sharks™ in less space than 2 wood or plastic chocks require. The Sharks™ tough steel construction meets the 2:1 height to base ratio requirement while positive grip teeth on the steps bite into anything they come in contact with. The Sharks™ baseplate accepts ratchet straps or pickets to prevent slipping in icy or muddy rescue conditions.
Shark™ Large (SRK-L) - The Large Shark™ is intended for rescue companies that regularly use step cribbing. At 16½" tall, it can stabilize most high clearance vehicles.
Shark™ Standard (SRK-S) - The Standard Shark™ is perfect for smaller apparatus with limited compartment space but who still need to carry cribbing as a first due responder.

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Compact, Fast, All-in-One Composite Struts
Specifically designed for Engines/Pumpers, they allow First Due Rescuers to stabilize a vehicle within minutes of arrival. Made of the same DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite as the full sized TeleCrib® System, the TeleCrib® Junior is lightweight and simple to operate, but supports an impressive 5000 lb working load with a 2:1 safety factor.

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Lighter, Stronger Kevlar® Composite TeleCrib® Struts Save Lives
Vehicle • Machinery • Aircraft • Light Structural
4X as Strong as Steel Struts

TeleCrib® struts are a lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilization tool designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication. Rescue 42 is the only rescue company to manufacture struts from a hi-tech Kevlar® composite material, making the TeleCrib® struts about half the weight of steel struts and 4X as strong. Most steel struts have a maximum working load of 4,000 lbs. The TeleCrib® struts have a max working load of 18,000 lbs with a greater than 2:1 safety factor. Because they are composite, they are nearly impervious to environmental or chemical corrosion, do not conduct electricity, and have exceptional impact resistance. If you need lifting capabilities, our removable Strut Jack fits on any TeleCrib® strut, turning it into an 8,000 lb ram.

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The Quick Response Kit comes complete with two step chocks, two 3" X 8.5" long wedges, one 1" X 9", and one 2" X 9" lock blocks all in a carrying bag.

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