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Steel’s worst nightmare.
The KL-32 Defender is the newest spreader in our lineup, and it doesn’t have a problem with getting up in steel’s face. This spreader features a generous 32.3-in. spreading distance and 22,000 lbs. of spreading force. Nothing will get in your way.

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Problem solved.
Problem, meet Defender. Defender, solve problem. That’s how it works with the ML-28 Defender. With improved ergonomic features as well as a star-grip actuator with a stationary handle for easy fingertip actuation in even the most compromising rescue situations, you can make short work of any rescue scene. But it’s the Defender’s enhanced power that is so impressive. It yields a hefty spreading force of over 35,000 lbs. and a pulling force of up to 9,000 lbs., yet it weighs in at a light 49 lbs. Let’s work.

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Everything you want in a spreader. And more.
The SP 300 is the perfect mix of strength, tip opening width and, thanks to its compact size, maneuverability. But the perfection doesn’t stop there. It’s also designed with extremely flat diamond tips, making it easy to get exceptional grip during the rescue.

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Can a spreader get lighter and more powerful? Yes.
The new 10,000 PSI spreader is 23% lighter, yet increased its power by 20% over its predecessor, giving it the highest spreading force in its class. Its squeezing plates are covertly built into the arms of the spreader and the “Shark Tooth” removable tips off er serious bite and unstoppable hold onto any surface or material. This new tenacious rescue tool is perfect for any hazardous rescues requiring spreading, squeezing and pulling, with a weight that won’t slow you down.

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It’s stronger, lighter on its feet, and a flat-out unstoppable spreader.
The new eDRAULIC® spreader is 12% lighter, yet 20% more powerful than its predecessor. It’s one of the strongest and most compact portable spreaders on the market. The SP 333E2 has squeezing plates built into the arms and “Shark Tooth” removable tips with a stubborn, unstoppable bite that won’t slip. Its Li-Ion eDRAULIC battery keeps its charge so you’re never left without the power of this heroic tool at the wrong moment.

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A heavy-duty spreader for heavy-duty situations.
Because of its strength and its wide spreading distance, this tool has become a valuable asset during heavy-duty rescue operations on roads, railways and during search and recovery after natural disasters. It’s got multi-functional tips that don’t need to be changed and an ergonomic design that makes removing obstacles easier than ever.

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One of the most powerful spreaders in the world.
A big statement like that deserves to be repeated. The SP 512 is one of the most powerful spreaders in the world. It has up to 121,400 lbs. of spreading force, durable construction, ergonomic design and the speed you need for your most heavy-duty rescue situations. It is the poster boy for Hurst Jaws of Life.

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It’s lighter, it’s stronger and that equals quicker.
The new 10,000 PSI spreader is 18% lighter than its predecessor, and has 13% more full- speed-ahead rescue power. In other words, you get the job done quicker. To make the SP 555 even stronger, the squeezing plates have been integrated into the arms. And, its “Shark Tooth” removable tips have four rows of shark-like teeth, which help it bite and hold onto any material.

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The spreader that weighs less but gives you so much more.
The new eDRAULIC® spreader is 16% lighter and still gives you 14% more power than its predecessor. You can get the job done and make the rescue quicker than ever. Its “Shark Tooth” removable tips have four rows of shark-like teeth to bite and hold onto any material. Add that to its Li-Ion never-say-die battery and you know you’ve got the right power and speed for any job.

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