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The JL-500 is a hot knife, and steel is the butter.
The new JL-500 cutter has been engineered with forged shock-resistant blades to cut through today’s stronger, thicker steel with ease. Uniquely shaped to generate more power at near full-open position, this new cutter offers more power in the relevant work area. Steel never had a chance.

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Johnny-on-the-spot in any spot.
With our Mini Cutter, confined spaces are about to be a lot less confined. With a cutting force of up to 17,000 lbs. and a cutter opening of 1.5 in. for precise operation in confined spaces, this 8-lb. tool is a beast on the scene. Lightweight and extremely portable, Hurst’s line of specialty tools can be used with either a manual pump or a battery power unit. Sold by the piece or as a set, the specialty tools are stand-alone rescue systems.

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Cuts through obstructions in confined spaces.
Don’t let confined spaces get in the way of getting the job done. The handy S 120 has the power to cut steering wheels, pedals and other metal constructions in tight quarters. And its compact design makes this mighty mite easy to store.

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Move quickly with this lightweight option.
Need a lighter option than what the 500 series cutters provide? Then you’ve found it. The S 311 uses the same intuitive blade design that provides a powerful cut, and the same star-grip control that allows tool actuation from virtually any grip position. Don’t underestimate this lightweight superhero.

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The S 700E2’s little, but powerful, brother.
It may be the 700’s little brother but it doesn’t lack for power. This tool is the perfect extrication cutter and is the most convenient tool for getting to the action. Nearly four pounds lighter than its predecessor, this tool moves quickly at the scene – and past the competition.

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The all-purpose workhorse.
The S 510 is a powerful, quick and versatile workhorse. With large blade openings and long cutting edges, this tool will help you quickly and safely remove trapped passengers from all types of vehicles. Its curved blade geometry pulls material to the back of the blade for fast, clean cuts. It features over 200,000 lbs. of cutting force that can sever 1½-in. round bar stock with power to spare.

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The strongest cutter manufactured today.
The S 700 is not just strong; it is strong when you need it most. The improved blade geometry enables the tool to attain its maximum cutting capability at a practical and more usable 5-in. opening. And with 67% more cutting force in the relevant work area, it’s ready for today and tomorrow’s new bigger and stronger steel. Plus, the blade tip features a punch-like design that aids in cutting the highly reinforced areas of the A-pillar and B-pillar posts while maintaining the tool’s position outside the vehicle. The S 700’s extrication capabilities also include shipboard damage control, structural collapse, aircraft egress and plenty of other tough situations.

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Speed and power packed into one game-changing cutter.
Six pounds lighter than its predecessor, and just as powerful, the S 700E2 is light years ahead of anything the competition has to date. This battery-powered cutter performs heroic rescues without hoses or a power unit. It’s designed to take on current as well as future vehicle construction. Plus, it has 77% more cutting force where you need it.

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